Social Media Management is a Science. What’s your Chemistry?

Business is about the type of connections we make. We want to connect with our market: the people in the world we can help most with our specialized services. Through focusing on the people we can help most (rather than everyone under the sun) we can stay focused as a business, which means we can scale at a reasonable rate, and save time and energy for both ourselves and our clients in the long run.

Maya Angelou once famously stated “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. The fact is, customers need to feel safe with you in order to buy your services. In order to gain your ideal customers attention and trust, we complete an analysis of what motivates and challenges your ideal customers in order to see what connects you with your clients needs on a deep level. With that information in hand we then make a communications strategy that conveys what connects you with your customers on many levels. Our strategies include an assessment of how you can speak to your market in a way that supports all learning styles: kinesthetic, linguistic, auditory-musical, spatial, mathematical, interpersonal and intrapersonal.

Because you now have a communications strategy with social media guidelines, you’ve ensured that your messages are clear and consistent with the intention you hold for your brand, this consistency is what will build trust and recognition for your busi- ness. This strategy will allow you to speak to your clients needs through social media and leave them feeling understood… and therefore hiring and recommending YOU for services over the other guy.

Your social media strategy will also be cross-referenced with your business vision to ensure we’re working toward your short term and long term aspirations, and moving toward your ideal business model and personal lifestyle goals.