Inline editing entries will save hours—or even days!—of your life

To edit an entry in Gravity Forms normally, you have to click into the entry, modify the fields, click “update” and go back to the entries list. It’s a cumbersome and time-consuming process. With GravityEdit, you can edit entries without having to click “edit” on each one – simply update the entry value and you’re done.

Increase your productivity

Data entry is a necessary but boring job. GravityEdit allows you to get more done by freeing up your precious time to focus on more important tasks. What would normally take you an hour in Gravity Forms will only take you 14 minutes with GravityEdit!

Keep your data secure

Don’t worry about making mistakes or compromising your data. When editing entries using GravityEdit, field validation works as expected.

Edit entries 340% faster than before

Optimize your workflow and streamline operations

Integrate GravityEdit into your front end applications

GravityEdit integrates with GravityView, allowing you to edit entries from the front end of your website faster than ever before.

Help your clients succeed

Create optimized workflows for your clients. GravityEdit supports all Gravity Forms “Standard” field types, as well as most “Advanced” field types.

Take control with actions and filters

Hooks allow you to change the supported field types, modify the editing mode, enable notifications, control user access, and much more. The GravityEdit plugin is powered by x-editable, the best inline edit script!

Plug and play

No need to tinker with code or configure endless options, simply enable inline editing and smile as you save yourself hours of time!



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Frequently asked questions

About the Gravity Forms GravityEdit plugin

Does GravityEdit allow you to edit File Upload fields?



Yes! GravityEdit allows you to edit File Upload and Multi-File Upload fields.

Does GravityEdit allow you to edit entry meta data?



Yes! GravityEdit allows you to edit meta data associated with an entry such as the entry date, the user who created the entry, the transaction status, and more.

Is GravityEdit Compatible with the GravityView DataTables layout?



Yes! GravityEdit works with all GravityView View layouts.

Which “Advanced” fields are supported by GravityEdit?



GravityEdit supports all Gravity Forms “Standard” field types as well as the following “Advanced” field types:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Website
  • Email
  • List
  • File Upload
  • Product (User-Defined Price only)
The latest GravityEdit addition to GravityView is simply amazing. We are able to allow certain team members to access only relevant information for them to complete their task. Utilizing touch screen computers, our team can now usually move an order to its next stage with 3 taps of the screen and less than 5 seconds.

– Colin H

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Version 2.0.3

 Gravity Forms Required

This plugin was previously named Gravity Forms Inline Edit.

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